Posted by: ugleepen | September 11, 2009

Do You Know These Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms?

Do you know what the early signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are? Early detection and treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is important, and if you don’t know the symptoms to look out for, take a look at this list below so you are prepared in case this is happening to you, or someone you know.

With carpal tunnel syndrome, you may notice the symptoms are gradual, but typically start with an aching in your wrist that can extend to your hand or forearm. Other common symptoms include:

  • Hand Pain and or Wrist Pain
  • Pain that Radiates from Wrist up the Arm to Shoulder
  • Pain that Radiates Down into Palm or Fingers after Repetitive Use
  • Cold Hands, but the Forearms are Warm
  • Tingling or numbness in your Fingers or Hand
  • Numbness of Thumb, Index, Middle or Ring Fingers (but not little finger)
  • Loss of Feeling or Sensation in Fingers and Thumb
  • Loss of Fine Motor Skills in Hands (Clumsiness in Hands)
  • Sleep Interruption due to Numbness in Hand or Pain in Wrist
  • Sense of Weakness in Hand and Wrist (loss of hand muscles)
  • Dropping Objects (Pen, Fork, Glasses)
  • Waking up from Sleep Due to Tingling Hands and Fingers
  • Poor Circulation, Hands falling asleep
  • Loss of Hand Grip Strength
  • Numbness in Thumb
  • Aching Shoulders and Neck

If you are experiencing a combination of any of these symptoms, see your doctor. Early diagnosis is important. Nerve and muscle damage can occur if left untreated. To aid in your writing efforts, due to a loss of grip strength, or hand pain, my UGLee Pen is a great solution. Not only does it require very little effort to grip, it is also incredibly light and provides an effortless writing experience.


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