Posted by: ugleepen | September 24, 2009

The Doctors Show Recommends UGLee Pen

Did you catch the airing of the Doctors Show on September 18th? UGLee Pen was one of the “50 Ways to Improve Your Health in 5 minutes or Less”. We were #42. Dr. Travis Stork was talking about what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the benefits of an ergonomic workspace to ease swelling and pressure of the tendons and nerves that are located in the carpal tunnel. He went on to explain how the UGLee Pen, with its easy grip, light weight and ability to vastly decreases the tension necessary to write, “Would be great for carpal tunnel sufferers.”

The producer of the show loved my comfort pen. They wanted me to be on the show as well, but since they were featuring 50 tips in just one hour, they didn’t have time. I sent pens for all members of the studio audience and the cast and crew. So far the response has been great. If you were on the show that day, please leave a comment below telling me what you think. You can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Last week I was tweeting with Dr. Jim Sears from the Doctors Show who says, “Love the pen! Still using it!” To learn more about the benefits of UGLee If you missed the show, here’s a transcript of the “50 Ways to Improve Your Health“.

Here’s the video clip:


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