Posted by: ugleepen | September 30, 2009

Office Supply Geek Reviews Ergonomic Comfort Pen

Office Supply Geek Reviews UGLee Pen

Office Supply Geek Reviews UGLee Pen

It was our privilege to have the Office Supply Geek review our ergonomic comfort pen on their Web site. They are also doing a giveaway, so, please visit their site, provide your comments and learn more about how you can win the top ergonomic comfort pen on the market for yourself! Here’s a brief synopsis of what they said:

“The UGLee Pen might be one of the most interesting looking pens I’ve ever seen, but just looking cool isn’t enough to fit into the cool office supplies category. Lucky for this pen, it has much more than just a unique look going for it. It was designed by Doctor James Lee who has spent a good deal of his life in search of a pen that can be used all day that doesn’t result in cramping, or fatigue,” says the Office Supply Geek.

Why You’ll Enjoy Using UGLee Pen

  • The super cushioned grip takes little to no effort to hold.
  • It takes not much more than a slight amount of pressure to effortlessly slide the pen across paper.
  • Unique contours and ridges designed to let you hold the pen in multiple positions, which is something that most ergonomically designed pens don’t allow you to do.
  • More “grippy” surface area to hold it.
  • Evenly distributes the weight of the pen across your hand rather than pinpoint it all in the same place.

The Office Supply Geek goes on to say, “I really enjoyed writing with this pen, it’s definitely in a class of its own, and if you have ever had any issues with writing discomfort I highly suggest you give this pen a try. This pen is great for people who either write a lot, or write in situations that require more pressure, such as filling out forms that use multiple layers of carbon copy paper. Additionally, for those who are concerned about carpal tunnel syndrome or who have arthritis or other issues that cause difficulty writing, this pen can really do wonders in making writing easier for you.”


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