Posted by: ugleepen | November 19, 2009

Free Ergonomic Pens for College Students Contest

When I was a college student, I REALLY needed an ergonomic pen to help ease my writing pain from taking 20 pages of handwritten notes a day. Since I tried every ergonomic pen on the market and could not find even one that eased my hand cramps, I created the UGLee Pen. Now, I want to give back to all those college students in need! UGLee Pen, the world’s most comfortable ergonomic pen, is holding a contest for college students.

Here’s How It Works:
The College that sends the MOST names to me by 12/15/09 wins.

To Enter:
To enter, just have each student (or you can put all the names on one spreadsheet if it’s coming from a group, frat house or sorority) provide their Name, Mailing Address, Email Address, and the Name of their College. Send to: You can also send me a DM in Twitter with or post it to my Facebook Fan page wall.

Winners Get Free Pens!
We’ll tally all the result and the students from the college that submits the most entries wins! Each winner must have provided all the information outlined above to receive their free, ergonomic, UGLee Pen by mail! That’s it. Free pen if your school has the most entries.

So, get the word out to your classmates any way you can. Show your school spirit and work together with the student body to be the college that submits the MOST names! Twitter the contest, post details in Facebook, get in printed in the schools newsletter, email all your friends, get creative! (Oh, and professors, teachers assistants and anyone associated with the College can enter too!) Good luck.


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