Posted by: ugleepen | December 5, 2009

Why Kids Need an Ergonomic Pen

If you have children learning to write with pens, you may also find that they are frustrated with writing discomfort. This could lead to reluctance in completing writing assignments because of hand cramping. Large calluses on their fingers can also occur due to the pressure of writing. If you are worried that your children are increasing their chances of repetitive stress injuries to their hands because of poorly designed writing instruments, an ergonomic pen may be just what you are looking for.

The fact is that most pens are not designed to work well with the hand. And most of those that are supposedly designed to be comfortable were designed only to look comfortable to entice you to try them. And even those do not work well for the smaller hands of children.

The UGLee Pen was designed by a doctor to work with the individual bones of the hand. Size and shape of the hand does not matter. The UGLee Pen will provide the most ergonomic, healthful, and fun writing experience possible for big and small, young and old alike.

The UGLee Pen works by reducing the tension necessary to hold onto the pen. With the pen locked into the bones of the hand, the muscles and tendons don’t have to work so hard. And with less tension, the skin is exposed to less pressure. No calluses, no cramping, no injury… No Pain!

Your children can concentrate on what they are learning. They won’t be distracted with having to stop to wring out their hands or do the “air shake” to get blood flowing again. They can simply learn.

And for tests, imagine the improvements in time and creativity? Pain is proven to alter the way we think and feel. Get rid of writing pain and attitudes can be altered.

Writing is fundamental to education. The UGLee Pen is fundamental to easy writing.


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