Posted by: ugleepen | December 10, 2009

How to Keep Your Hand from Cramping

Are you struggling with hand cramping and hand pain from excessive writing? An ergonomic pen can help. But, not just any ergonomic pen, it has to be one that allows you to grip it in more than one position. No one holds their pen the same way each time they pick it up. By using a pen that forces you to keep your hand in one position, you will find that this causes even more pain than before!

The body needs to get blood flow to various parts of your body and any time you keep something static, the blow flow is restricted causing discomfort. Only a comfort pen that allows you to hold it differently each time can help you experience pain free writing. The UGLee Pen works because it’s grippy surface holds you, so, you don’t have to exert extra energy to hold it. The light weight and smooth ink make writing a breeze.

Those of us who write all day know that hand pains can be quite detrimental to your work day and quality of life. The UGLee pen can help ease your writing pain no matter how you position your hand or what size your hand is. Small hands (adults and kids) or large hands, it doesn’t matter. This pen will work for you, guaranteed.


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