Posted by: ugleepen | January 11, 2010

“I Love UGLee Pen” Contest

Valentines Day is coming and it’s time to think about what we love. As you can imagine, we really love our UGLee Pen and want to know how much you love it too. We thought the best way to inspire our fans is to hold a fun contest! To thank you for showing us your love, we will give one lucky winner, a complete set of all 7 colors of the UGLee pen, PLUS a 10 pack of ink refills. That’s enough to last more than a year!
Here’s some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and how to enter:

  1. Take a photo featuring the Uglee Pen.
    You can be in it too! Or, show us a “Day in the Life” of an ergonomic pen. Or, document the adventures UGLee Pen has all its own! If you are handy with photo editing software you can really get creative.
  2. Take a video of the pen.
    Who uses the pen in your family? Does everyone have their own color? Are you using it at work, at home, both? Does the pen have a life of its own when you are asleep?
  3. Make a drawing of the pen.
    Show us your artistic skills by drawing the pen in any setting you like. Is it a “super pen” with a cape? Be creative! Your kids can help. Any artistic media is acceptable (sculpture, painting).
  4. Write an essay about the comfort pen.
    Tell us what feature of the pen you like the best! The ultimate grip? The light weight? The ergonomic design? The smooth ink?
  5. Get the pen in the News.
    Has your UGLee Pen achieved stardom? Show us how the world’s most comfortable ergonomic pen was featured on TV or in the newspaper.

Now, these are just a few ideas. You can use them or come up with one of your own! Just make sure the UGLee pen is featured and that you’ve include the words “ergonomic pen” into your entry. To enter you must post your item to our Facebook Wall. You can do this directly by uploading a photo or video right to our Facebook Fan page. Or, you can post your photo to Flickr (or any publicly accessible photo sharing site you use) and post the URL link to our Facebook page. Post the video to YouTube and then share the URL link with us. If you’ve decided to create a drawing or artwork just upload a photo or scan of your creation. If you’ve written an essay, simply post it in the Notes tab on your facebook profile and then provide us with the URL link to that page on our UGLee Pen Facebook wall.

The winning entry will be posted on our blog too and we will of course tweet about it in Twitter. Contest runs until February 14th and ends at 11:59 Pacific Time. The winner, who will be chosen at random, will be notified in Facebook, so, make sure you’ve clicked “Become a Fan” on the UGLee Pen Facebook Fan page before you post your entry.



  1. My 5 year old son is using the UGLee Pen to write his letters for homeschool practice. I asked him what he likes about the pen, he says “It’s soft, “furry” edge so it wont be so hard.” I said, we’ll, it’s not really furry, but, it’s the soft grip you like the best? He said “Yes – it’s not so hard!”

  2. I LOVE THIS PEN AND SO DOES EVERYONE I GAVE IT TO AS A GIFT!! I can’t write with anything else now, how’s that?!! (We are going out of our minds looking for refills!!) It feels PERFECT IN MY HAND when writing and the ink super glides accross the page!! ~>Great for leftys too!! AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE ~ CAN’T SAY ENOUGH AWESOME THINGS ABOUT IT BUT THANKS SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS THING!! **WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!** 😡

    • Great comments, Robin! Thanks for your heartfelt love of my pen.

      • Dr. Lee – I honestly do love this pen so much and as I told you so does everyone I give one to as a gift – it’s like we have become addicted to them and just can’t use anything else; it’s truly a magical wonder and great for those with carpel tunnel syndrome too! The most perfectly designed ergonomic handwriting experience ever ~ your “BEAUTIFUL UGLEE PEN!!” I have been so EXCITED ALL DAY for WINNING THE CONTEST!! (I did respond at Facebook as instructed but requested could I please remit my address from my email due to privacy & security issues with Facebook). Thank you so very much again, Dr. Lee for making my DAY!!! My family is also very excited about the pens coming…!! Of course everyone who does not already have one wants one and now they can pass along the great word too!! I feel a bit like a commercial, but when I truly believe in an awesome product, I’m only telling the honest to God truth!! 🙂 (~>Is is possible to please get a few red refills also? Thank you so much again!!)

  3. ~>That smiley was suppose to be a KISS, not a mad face!! 🙂

  4. I just love the UGLEE Pen! When I got my pen, I took it to work to use. It was after a couple of hrs that I realized that I had no pain while writing. It was the first time I could remember in very long time that this had happened. I have tried just about every pen that has been made. A co-worker saw my pen & asked me what type of pen I had & where I got it. I told her & she tried mine out. Now she wants one! I love the way I don’t have to grip the pen so hard & the way it just glides across the paper! All I can say is–THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INVENTING THIS PEN! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVIOUR TO US ALL WHO ARE IN PAIN!!

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