Posted by: ugleepen | January 15, 2010

Why Your Valentines Gift Should be an Ergonomic Pen

hearts Pictures, Images and PhotosValentine’s Day often brings to mind hearts, flowers and chocolate and is the biggest day of the year to make sure your loved ones know how much you care. So, instead of giving them a gift that only lasts a few days, give them the practical present they can use every day… the gift of an ergonomic pen.

Not only will an ergonomic pen be a gift they will enjoy writing with every day at home, work, or school, but it can improve their quality of life by ensuring and end to writing pain and discomfort. Plus, my physician created UGLee Pen puts less pressure on nerves and tendons which assists in blow flow and that can maintain and improve hand and finger health.

It’s especially ideal for young kids just learning to write or people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis. They will be elated with the relief from pain and ease of writing they can experience. The UGLee Pen comes in a 3 pack with seven colors to choose from. Try the Red or Pink colored barrels to keep with a Valentines theme. Your “sweetie” will thank you for it, not just on February 14, but every day!


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