Posted by: ugleepen | January 28, 2010

Planning Your Ergonomic Workspace

Creating an ergonomic workspace in your office and home is very important to pain free health. If you spend hours or most of your day at the computer, you’ve probably already realized that the effects that poor posture and a maladjusted workspace can cause such as: aching back, pain to the neck and sore wrists, not to mention bleary eyes.

Check out this ergonomic workspace planner tool and click on your height to determine the best way to set up your desk, chair and computer monitor to ensure your body stays in a neutral posture while you are working.

In addition to a properly designed ergonomic workspace, also remember to get up and take breaks throughout the day. The body was not designed to hold one position for hours at a time, so, keep the blood flowing and keep moving with a quick break every hour.

While on your break, you may want to engage in some ergonomic stretches. See my previous post on “Why Ergonomic Stretching is Important at Work”. And, when you are not typing away on the computer, be sure to alleviate any strain to the tendons and avoid any writing pain by using an ergonomic pen. All these tips will ensure that your ergonomic workspace is working optimally for you and can keep your neck, back and wrists pain free.


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