Posted by: ugleepen | March 10, 2010

The Ergonomic Pen Nurses Love

Because I am a Doctor, I work with nurses every day. As you can imagine, I always want to share my ergonomic pen with them because I know the tremendous benefits of comfort writing and want them to experience it too. Any nurse will tell you that a good pen is worth its weight in gold, and my UGLee Pen is the best pen out there for anyone who writes for a living, like nurses.

Here’s a few testimonials from nurses who use (and love) the UGLee Pen:

“My mother, who loves to keep in touch by writing cards, and I, an admitted crossword fiend, both suffer from writing pains. I have neuropathy due to carpal tunnel syndrome and my mother suffers from arthritis. The UGLee Pen helps us enjoy what we love in life! Oh, and it is now an ESSENTIAL for my work as a nurse.” Nancy W, RN, Baytown, TX

“I have arthritis in my thumb. I had been trying to find a pen that made writing tolerable, I couldn’t imagine that I’d find one that would actually make writing pain free. The UGLee Pen did exactly that.” Johanna A, RN, Ebensburg, PA

“Thank you Dr. Lee for designing this pen. The UGLee Pen has completely taken away my mild carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, my 11 year old daughter and 5 year old son are grateful for having this ergonomic pen help them write better.” Gloria M, RN Case Manager IV Wound Healing Center, CA


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