Posted by: ugleepen | March 24, 2010

Activities to Develop Children’s Writing Skills

Looking for activities that can will encourage good writing skills down the road for your child? In order for your child to be successful in learning to write, they must first develop control in the small muscles of the hands. These skills, which include hand / eye coordination, are called the fine motor skills. Learning them will help children make the precise movements necessary for forming letters and numbers.

There are many online resources that provide free worksheets that you can print out and use at home. Allowing your child the opportunity to practice frequently on these worksheets will help them achieve success more quickly.

The best way to get them motivated and excited about the worksheets is to keep it fun. Try singing songs while you work or promise a “good job” sticker upon completion.

To begin, choose a time of day when your child is the most rested and at his or her best. Be sure to take breaks, when necessary and allow for elements of frustration, which is natural when a child is learning something new.

Depending on your child’s age, below are some guidelines regarding where to focus their writing practice:

  • Age 2
    Focus mainly on straight lines. Encourage them to draw the straight line from left to right as they will learn that reading and printing occur from left to right.
  • Age 3
    In addition to straight lines, you can now add curves and zig zags into your practice session. Encourage tracing from left to right.
  • Ages 4-5
    Practice tracing and printing letters and numbers.

A lightweight, ergonomic pen that is easy to grip will also be a great benefit to help avoid frustration. Plus, keeping the activity fun with a special pen just for writing practice can be very motivating for kids, and the UGLee Pen is great for smaller hands.



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