Posted by: ugleepen | April 30, 2010

Get Relief from CTS with this Carpal Tunnel Pen

Do you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and are looking for some relief? You may not have considered that the right pen could help you. The condition known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the tendons in the hand are put under a lot of tension. This situation can occur when someone is doing a lot of typing or writing. The trouble comes when the tissues get swollen and inflamed due to excessive activity. This in turn puts pressure on the tendons and nerves in the carpal tunnel space and this is what causes the pain.

If you use a carpal tunnel pen, or, specifically, the UGLee Pen with its unique ergonomic design, you will find that you need to exert very little energy in order to be able to write. It’s the minimizing of tension to your tendons that provides the relief from pain. No tension = no pressure = no pain.

How can an ergonomic pen make this claim? Well, certainly not all ergonomic pens can, but, the UGLee Pen with it’s physician designed shape, light weight, smooth ink and comfort grip is so easy to use that it vastly decreases any tension that can occur when writing.

It might be hard to believe that an ergonomic pen can alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, but, this one can. If you’re looking for pain free, comfort writing, the UGLee Pen is for you.

Here’s a testimonial:

“Your pens are such a blessing to me. I have had surgery on both of my hands for carpel tunnel and even after the surgeries I have pain and numbness in both hands. It was hard to write with regular pens because of the numbness and pain. Now, using your pens… no more pain or numbness! Thank you for inventing these wonderful pens”. – Carolyn B.


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