Posted by: ugleepen | May 14, 2010

Ergonomic Pen Makes a Great Father’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day has just passed, and Father’s Day is coming soon. Do you struggle every year with the perfect gift? Look no further! Every Dad could use a comfort pen. No matter what business they are in and whether they write a little or a lot, you’ll know Dad is enjoying comfort writing at its best with the ergonomic pen, UGLee Pen.

And, because your Dad is the best, you will rest assured knowing you have bought him the best pen available on the market. How can I say this? Because I have tried them all, literally! I spent 8 years designing the UGLee Pen for my own personal writing comfort. I was tired of other pens that claimed to ease writing pain. They didn’t work for me and I bought every pen available from the cheapest to the most expensive. Nothing worked, which is why I had to design my own.

The result? A truly comfortable writing experience that will not cause strain on the tendons or pain in your hand. You won’t even get that little red mark on your middle finger where the pen rests! It’s light weight, with a good grip and smooth ink. Those who try one, never want to use any other pen again. So, I recommend you get a set for yourself too, since Dad will probably not want to share. Plus, if Dad does not love your gift, I’ll give you your money back, guaranteed.

So, give Dad the gift of comfort for a Happy Fathers Day that will last all year.


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