Posted by: ugleepen | July 15, 2010

Who Writes with a Pen Any More?

You may be wondering what the big deal is about a great writing pen in this day and age. After all, everyone nowadays communicates by typing on computer keyboards, thumbing on cell phone keypads, using styluses on their blackberry and the iPad, and on and on. Who writes with a pen any more?

The answer is – you do! You grab a pen to jot down your grocery list, your weekend To Do list, a telephone number (yes, later you’ll “keypad” it into your cell phone, but right now you have to write it down somewhere), and sign your name to your favorite aunt’s birthday card. Actually, the list of when you write is endless.

Be like Sherlock Holmes this week and do some sleuthing – watch for every time you pick up a pen. Write down (see – you’ve already started!) each time you grab a pen and keep track for seven days. You’ll be amazed.

Your children also are hand writers. Students in elementary, middle, and high school are still generally required to take notes in the classrooms, and do the work, by hand. So, all of these are good reasons to make a big deal out of a great, comfortable, ergonomic pen.

Handwriting per se is a lost art, there’s no doubt about it. However, Lorri Gardner, certified handwriting specialist and co-founder of Handwriting Highway, states that studies have shown that most students who write well are able to perform better academically. It has to do with training the hand muscles and therefore the brain.

“Young children who work nothing but keyboards, keypads and videogame buttons really lack the strength to hold a pencil and write for long periods. Their hands begin to hurt,” Diane Parette Gardner’s partner, said.

We don’t live in the world of Star Trek yet. Since we all still write, a physician-designed ergonomic pen is exactly what we all need. Repetitive movements such as sustained typing on keyboards, and playing video games, puts stress on the muscles and tendons of the hands and wrists. Therefore, when you do pick up a pen to write, that pen needs to help prevent further muscle stress.

The UGLee Pen has been designed to be so easy to use that it actually relaxes the hand. The type of ink is the smoothest-flowing on the market, even better than gel pens. The contour of the pen allows the pen to grip you, not the other way around.

So, do yourself a favor – since you still do have to write – use the best ergonomic pen available for your health and the health of your children- the UGLee Pen.


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