Posted by: ugleepen | July 30, 2010

Grapho-Therapy: How you Write Affects Your Life

Grapho-therapy is the concept that how you write – your handwriting – can determine how you function in your life. This is not to be confused with graphology, or handwriting analysis. Grapho-therapy studies the pathways in the brain that are involved in handwriting, and suggests that changing those neuropathways can actually change your life.

In an article “Grapho-Therapy – Why it Works” by Mani Kant, the act of writing is described as a combination of rhythm, speed, pressure, and direction, all to form specific shapes. Thus, handwriting involves a number of aspects of the brain, leading some to point out that it shouldn’t be called “handwriting,” but rather “brainwriting.”

Mani Kant points out that the direct involvement of the brain, probably including the subconscious and unconscious levels as well, may be what is responsible for the fact that no two people have the exact same handwriting. In fact, states Kant, an American statistician has determined that the possibility of two handwritings being identical is one chance in 68 trillion.

The idea of grapho-therapy itself is that as you practice and adopt new letter shapes, the brain must adapt and change as well. Vimala Rodgers, the author of “Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life”, suggests this as a simple means of self-improvement. By changing the shapes of your letters, you can train your mind to think differently.

This idea has captivated many, including life coach Virginia Carper, who says, “My favorite form of meditation is handwriting,” and likes to follow Rodgers’ book. “[Rodgers] states that by altering specific letter strokes, you can change certain aspects of your personality,” Carper says.

For those of you who are interested in the idea of using handwriting as a kind of active mediation, keep in mind – the pen’s the thing! Your handwriting tool is going to make all the difference as you start to work on changing life-long patterns of letter design. The UGLee Pen is so ergonomically designed that its fit and flow in your hand will be mediation in and of itself. Our ergonomic pen is the perfect partner in this new self-improvement program.



  1. Hey, I appreciate for your efforts of writing blog. Infect handwriting analysis is something which attracts me lot. I also had graphotherapy classes and feel the positive difference in me. thanks for sharing . keep Posting.

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