Posted by: ugleepen | August 4, 2010

The Benefits of Ergonomic Interventions in the Workplace

Abdul Shukor bin Abdulla, an internationally acclaimed ergonomics specialist, is a researcher, trainer and consultant on occupational safety, health and environment (OSHE). He has just published a study by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries that reported successes by businesses where significant benefits were achieved by implementing ergonomic interventions in the workplace.

Many of these interventions were simple and fairly inexpensive. For example, a military repair firm invested just $35,000 in equipment such as keyboard trays, low vibration gloves, and anti-fatigue mats, decreasing stress injuries by 23%.
A manufacturing plant put in waist-high carts for carrying goods to wrapping machines. This reduced walking and bending, and as a result productivity jumped 400%.

An automotive parts manufacturer purchased 20 tilt stands for parts baskets and 100 anti-fatigue mats. An investment of $22,986 yielded an 88% reduction in musculo-skeletal complaints in 7 months.

Bin Abdullah takes all of this a step further and suggests that success with ergonomics in the work place entails more than just buying the right equipment. “Employees must participate in the process, giving input and suggestions,” bin Abdulla stated. “They often know what is needed to make their jobs safer and easier. Without employee involvement, companies may not realize the full benefit of ergonomic investments.”

It’s obvious that simple ergonomic steps can yield big health and economic benefits for any company. Since “Ergonomics is the science of altering the work site to fit people safely and efficiently,” the ergonomic UGLee Pen is the ultimate example of a simple, easy and economical ergonomic intervention.

The UGLee Pen’s comfort-fit grip design and easy flow ink supports any writing activity. Providing your employees with the best pen for the job is an inexpensive way of reducing strain and improving productivity – all good business practices.


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