Posted by: ugleepen | August 12, 2010

Back to School Tips

Best Pen for Back to School

Best Pen for Back to School

It’s Back to School time, and whether your children are anxious or confident, excited or dragging their feet, here are some pointers that might just might help in that annual transition from summer to school.

  1. First Day Chaos
    Prevent the mania of the first morning by having the kids get prepared the night before. They can choose – and lay out – the clothes they’ll wear, get their school supplies packed in their backpack or satchel, and look over their classroom schedules.
  2. Take a Lunch or Buy a Lunch?
    The choice is, of course, personal, and here are some things to consider: buying a lunch the first day makes so the kids are carrying one less thing to keep track of (although they have to remember the money!), and can give your child a sense of camaraderie with friends who are also eating in the cafeteria. If your children take a lunch the first day you can pack their favorite foods, giving them a sense of comfort and family connection. This is also an opportunity to stick in a note of encouragement.
  3. School Forms
    Many schools mail out forms over the summer that need to be returned on the first day of school. These can include forms about immunization shots, emergency contact information, and permission slips. Make sure all of these forms are gathered, filled-out, signed, and put in the back-pack. Let your children know where the forms are, and remind them to turn the forms in.
  4. The Best Pen for the Job
    When getting together the supplies, you might have a list that was mailed from the school, or will have to wait until after the first day of school to see the lists provided by different teachers. Either way, you’ll want your children to have the best advantage in doing their schoolwork. The UGLee Pen is an ergonomically designed writing utensil that will assist your children in their note-taking and school work, no matter how young they are. Kids of all ages are at risk for repetitive stress injuries since their muscles and tendons are still developing. Providing your children with the UGLee comfort-grip, ergonomic pen will relieve the strain and assist them each time they write during this school year.

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