Posted by: ugleepen | August 18, 2010

Getting in the Student Mode

Best Ergonomic Pen for Students

Best Ergonomic Pen for Students.

Back to School is now imminent for most kids through-out the U.S. It’s not always easy at the beginning for kids to make the transition from care-free summer days to disciplined school hours and the focus required to be a successful student. Parents, here are some tips from experts at Nemours Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health for your students, to remind them how to get into the student mode.

  1. Planning can go a long way. It’s easy to keep organized and know when various assignments are due by getting a calendar or day planner and using it from the very first day. Every assignment and test for which you have a due date – put down immediately so you don’t forget; as well as other activities such as sports, drama, club meetings, etc. This device will also help you keep from getting over-booked. When the days fill up, learn to say no.
  2. Don’t get frustrated. For your school year to flow smoothly you must try to keep ahead, but everyone has a class or subject that they find difficult, and if you see yourself falling behind, address the problem immediately before you get frustrated. Talk to your teacher and get help right away, and you’ll get yourself back on track.
  3. Pay attention in class. You’ve heard this mantra over and over, both from teachers and from your parents, and there’s a good reason – it’s the best and easiest way for you to help yourself be successful in school. You’ll find that doing the assignments and studying for the tests are easier if you’ve listened to the information in the first place. There’s no sense in making school harder than it needs to be.
  4. Take good notes. Taking notes does two things for you – you have information about the subject readily available and straight from the teacher; and, in reading over your notes, you’ll easily see what you don’t understand, and can ask your teacher specifically about that point. In order to take good notes you need an ergonomic pen that writes easily and keeps your hand relaxed. My UGLee Pen is the best pen for your note-taking and school work. It’s comfortable and was designed so that the repetitive stress caused by handwriting is diminished. You’ll enjoy taking good notes when you have the UGLee Pen!

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