Posted by: ugleepen | August 25, 2010

Making Homework Manageable

School has started for most of the country, and one of the first things students will encounter is homework. Parents, here are some tips from the experts at to pass along to your students on how to make homework manageable.

First, it helps to understand why you have homework – homework helps you learn the material as you practice using it. Homework also gives your teacher a way of evaluating your understanding of the material.

And here are some things you can do to help make homework an easier task.

  1. Make sure you understand the assignment. If you have Any questions about it at all, talk to your teacher before you leave school.
  2. Create a homework schedule. If you have a heavy homework night you’ll need to plan ahead of time around after-school activities.
  3. Have a homework study space in your home. You’ll get your homework done quicker and more thoroughly if you study at a quiet desk rather than in front of the TV, on your bed, or in the kitchen with the noise of the family around.
  4. Start with the hardest assignment first. You’ll have more energy and concentration at the beginning of your homework session to work on the tough assignments. Then you can breeze through the easier ones and you’ll be all done.
  5. Be sure to take a break. A 15-minute break every hour is a good rule of thumb. Get up, stretch, walk around, get a snack or something to drink. You’ll find that breaks will help you be more productive.
  6. Get help if you need it. If you run into problems where you don’t understand how to proceed with an assignment, talk to your teacher. All teachers are required to be in their classrooms early before class for this very reason – they’re there to help you.

Regarding item #3, I recommend that you create an ergonomic study area. Ergonomics is the way to have an agreeable study area that supports your body in such a way that you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable. Make sure your computer monitor and key board are properly placed and that you have the correct chair. When writing, you’ll need a good ergonomic pen to prevent repetitive stress that causes soreness and cramping of your hands and fingers. My specially designed ergonomic pen, the UGLee Pen, protects the muscles and tendons in your hand, allowing you to write in flowing comfort!

Here’s to a great school year!



  1. will u make an uglee pencil? i would buy mmanyy

    • It’s in the works Jerry! Thanks for asking! Dr. Lee

  2. Love your pens! I need to get one for my mom, she keeps taking mine!

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