Posted by: ugleepen | October 23, 2010

A Look at Handwriting

Handwritten Scrolls

Handwritten Scrolls

Handwriting really is an interesting thing. I guess it actually started way back in the prehistoric times when people left messages painted on cave walls. Today, with all of our modern computer science technology, it looks like handwriting is a dying art. Well, it may be if you think of it as “art,” (remember all of those scrolls and flourishes?) but as a useful communication tool it still seems alive and well.

Shakespeare wrote his volumes of plays and poems in long-hand, and with a quill pen, no less. But by the mid-twentieth century most writers were using a typewriter, and you might have thought handwriting died in 1950. Obviously not so, and therefore we shouldn’t get too concerned that handwriting might be taking its last gasp in the computer age, either.

Handwriting is still taught to chidren as they begin school. Even though as a student advances through the grades the computer-written report becomes more and more prevalent, there are still times when a good old-fashioned pen or pencil is used.

Even a number of authors today still like the flow and emotional connection to their words that they get from writing long-hand. Stephen King, for example, calls his pen “my modern-day word processor.”

A discussion about handwriting that I came across today on the internet had elicited several interesting comments. Here’s a portion:

“I have never yet managed to write creatively with a computer. Creativity needs a pen. And ink. It needs sheets of paper and notebooks with memories attached. It needs blobs and scribbles…”

“I spend most of the working day on a computer. But I’ve always been convinced that I prefer writing with a… pen because the act of writing feels like I’m giving the question or problem due care and the attention it deserves.”

Several other comments discussed the fact that handwriting is too slow, and becomes too painful before the task is finished. This comment basically said it all:

“It hurts my hand…”

It does look like handwriting is here to stay, and if there are many of you whose heart agrees with the first two comments, but whose practical side agrees with the last, then its UGLee Pen to the rescue! Writing by hand does Not have to be painful. It can be relaxing, and fun. Using my revolutionary ergonomically designed pen your hand remains relaxed while all of the flowing words and picturesque phrases that you have inside can now burst forth – from my real (comfortable) pen onto a real piece of paper.

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