Posted by: ugleepen | December 9, 2010

Ergonomic Tips for Gift Wrapping

PhotobucketWith the holiday season now in full swing, I know many of you are getting ready to jump into the frey – of wrapping presents, that is. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that to be a challenge!

After reading an article about the ergonomics of Christmas present wrapping (funny, I know, but true!) I now understand why I don’t enjoy this process like I should. I’ve been so intent on getting the presents wrapped that this hadn’t occurred to me – that with some ergonomic changes I can improve the entire process.

Part of the problem is that we only wrap Christmas presents once a year – not often enough to really get it down to a science. And the difference between wrapping holiday gifts and an occasional birthday present at other times of the year is that generally we wrap a number of Christmas or Hanukah presents all at once. This definitely puts a strain on our bodies.

Chris Adams, who writes about ergonomics on, offers these great tips on how to avoid stresses on your body as you work your way through that pile of gifts.

  • Maintain a healthy posture
  • Create an ergonomic set up – the floor is a no-no
  • Remember to stretch every 30 minutes
  • Get up and take a break every hour
  • Work in a well-lit environment
  • Use ergonomic tools for wrapping presents such as a pop-up tape dispenser, gift wrap cutter, and proper wire cutters.
  • If using scissors make sure they’re sized properly for your hand
  • Use proper lifting techniques when moving large packages. If one is especially heavy, borrow or rent a dolly.

I’m definitely going to use these ergonomic tips this year. And I’ll also add my tip to Chris’s list – use my ergonomic UGLee Pen when you are writing out all of those tags.

Any time you can rest your hand you go a long way toward preventing repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. And if you have a disease that is already compromising your ability to write, such as arthritis, using my comfortable pen whenever you write is a true gift you can give yourself.


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