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Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Arthritis Foundations around the world support the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program. Created in 1997 by Dr. Paul Lam, this unique program is designed to be easy to learn, enjoyable, and to provide many health benefits for arthritis sufferers.

The Arthritis Foundation of America, after collaborating with Dr. Lam to produce a 12 lesson Tai Chi for Arthritis instructional DVD, promotes the program throughout the USA as the Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program.

As described by the Tai Chi for Arthritis organization, Tai Chi for Arthritis is based on Sun style tai chi. This style was chosen because of its healing component, its unique Qigong (an exercise which improves relaxation and vital energy), and its ability to improve mobility and balance.

As an effective program for people with arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis incorporates exercises that improve muscular strength, flexibility and fitness. Many arthritic conditions such as fibromyalgia, scleroderma and spondylitis are characterized by joint stiffness and impaired physical function. Tai chi gently frees up stiff joints and muscles, according to Dr. Lam.

“Tai Chi for Arthritis is an enjoyable exercise that can relieve your pain, improve your health and your ability to do things,” says Dr. Lam. “What’s more, it’s easy to learn – almost anyone can do it. In fact, many people who learn the form, like it so much that they continue to practice and enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi for years.”

Dr. Lam points out that The National Institute of Health’s National Centre of Complementary and Alternative Medicine found, in a 2007 survey, that more than 2.3 million Americans practice Tai Chi for various health-related purposes. And Harvard Medical School, in their May 2009 Health Publications, suggested that Tai Chi, which is often called meditation in motion, might well be referred to as “medication in motion”.

Most arthritis sufferers, especially those with Rheumatoid Arthritis, know how difficult simple activities of daily living can be, due to joint stiffness and pain.  Since the Tai Chi for Arthritis program has been scientifically shown to relive and reduce joint problems, it is one way that you, too, can perhaps manage your arthritis.

A complementary way of managing arthritis stiffness and pain in your hands is to use my UGLee Pen whenever you write. This pen has been scientifically designed to allow your hand to relax while using it, which prevents added stress and pain to the arthritic hand. Using this pen is a simple and easy way of being capable of performing one small part of your activities of daily living.

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