Posted by: ugleepen | March 10, 2011

Kids Raise Money for Arthritis through Recycling

Kids Raising Money for Arthritis

Kids Raising Money for Arthritis with Think Recycle Program

Leave it to the kids to get enthusiastic about something important. Journalist Jamie Fischer has written a wonderful article in the Canadian newspaper The Herald-Leader about children in Portage La Prairie, entitled “Kids Recycle for Arthritis.”

Portage La Prairie is a town in the central plains region of Manitoba, Canada. The students of the local Oakville School aren’t letting the town’s small population of just 12,000 keep them from “going green for a good cause.”  The school’s newest recycling program, Think Recycle, is an environmental fundraisier that generates funds for the Arthritis Society.

“It’s to educate students on recycling while teaching them empathy,” Natalie Harrison, the school’s junior high language arts teacher, said to Fischer. The cause hits close to home for Harrison, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago. “We’re helping them learn how to help others,” she said.

The program itself is a simple one. Students bring in used, broken, or unwanted cell phones, MP3 players, ink and laser cartridges, and digital cameras and put them in the recycle bin at the front of the school. The school earns funds for the items collected, which they in turn are donating to the Arthritis Society.

Harrison’s neighbor, Cindy McDonald, is also responsible for the new fundraiser at Oakville School reports Fischer. Like Harrison, McDonald has personal ties to the cause. “When I was 18 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, so its near and dear to my heart,” McDonald said..

Think Recycle is part of McDonald’s fundraising for the Arthritis Society and her Joints in Motion run. She’s pleased to see it at the school as a way to teach students, wrote Fischer. “It’s a great way to promote empathy,” McDonald said of the Think Recycle bin at Oakville School. “The kids out there are great.”

This article certainly shows that every little bit that any of us can do to help others can make a big difference. And that’s one of the reasons I spent over eight years developing my UGLee Pen. It’s a happy thing to be able to offer this scientifically-designed ergonomic pen to people who otherwise would find the simple act of writing to be difficult and painful. The UGLee Pen is so comfortable that it’s actually relaxing to use.

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