Posted by: ugleepen | May 4, 2011

Mothers Day and the Gift of a Letter

Writing a LetterI recently read an inspiring article posted by Melinda B on her blog Vintage Homestead Emporium, titled “Gift of a Letter.” It got me to thinking that a personal letter written in your own hand is the perfect Gift for Mother’s Day. Whether you’re sending a Mother’s Day gift to your mom, your grandmother, or a special friend, a handwritten letter would be a gift they would treasure the rest of their lives.

Melinda writes this: “The enjoyment found in writing and receiving letters runs deep. For my entire childhood, I never lived in the same area as my maternal grandparents. But it felt as if I knew their life. They scripted it for me in their letters. I learned about the elderly neighbor lady who discovered she could paint. What my grandparents enjoyed at the weekly jaunt to their favorite restaurant. The treasures they found at a garage sale.”

You can see from this description that what you say in your letter need not be fancy prose, or even about earth-shaking events. Just simple tales of your life. And the more “mundane” the better, for a mom who lives away, but certainly thinks of you and what you’re doing each and every day.

The process of writing your Mother’s Day letter gives you a gift, too. Melinda explains, “I have found the actual process of writing to be a natural form of autobiography. As I articulate my thoughts to the person I am writing, my experience of actually living is made more deliberate and with more acute awareness. I become aware of what is currently happening in our family, struggles that I might be dealing with, and specific things that have recently inspired my life. I narrate my life.”

And, Melinda says, the person to whom you are writing will come into clearer focus for you, as well. “As I think about the person I am writing, I am able to focus on how much they mean to me, to pray for them and thank God for their life intersecting with mine. I am able to think about what life might be like for them and think of questions I would like to ask.”

Melinda finished her lovely article by saying, “A personal letter can be a most intimate and touching of human experiences, one to another.” I welcome everyone to write a heartfelt letter to their mother this Mothers Day. What better gift could you give?

And, writing with a pen and paper is the most personal way to express your feelings, so, reach for my UGLee Pen for the ultimate in writing comfort. And, if you haven’t shared your UGLee Pen with your mother yet, it could also be a very thoughtful gift. Perhaps you’ll even start a letter-writing tradition! And how special would that be – an enjoyable and rare gift for both of you.


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