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Were you Part of the Arthritis Walk at Magic Mountain?

Arthritis Walk at Magic Mountain

Arthritis Walk at Magic Mountain

Memorial Day is the unofficial Official launch of summer – at least when it comes to fun and vacations. And for a lot of families, a fun summer vacation includes a trip to an amusement park. Six Flags Magic Mountain, outside Los Angeles, is one of the most popular. And it’s here that the Arthritis Foundation holds one of its signature fundraisers for arthritis research.

It’s only fitting that an iconic rollercoaster-filled amusement park would be the setting for this Arthritis Walk, since almost 300,000 arthritis sufferers are kids and teenagers.

On June 5, 2011, the Arthritis Foundation held its 6th Annual “Let’s Move Together Arthritis Walk” at Magic Mountain, bringing together hundreds of children from the L.A. area who have some form of arthritis. Awareness of Juvenile Arthritis has increased since the Walk began in 2005, reported Susan Abram, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Daily News, in her article on the event.

Abrams reported that under Magic Mountain’s gargantuan roller coasters and thrill-seeking rides, more than 2,500 people walked to support those with arthritis and to help raise money to find a cure. Children and teenagers experience the swelling, tenderness and stiffness of joints that causes limited range of motion that adults do, but often this issue receives little attention because of the perception that arthritis is an older person’s illness.

In her article, Abrams highlighted a number of people in the Walk, including Natalie Nordberg who was 15 when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis three years ago. At one point, she couldn’t even lift a comforter off of herself. Natalie was chosen as this year’s Youth Walk honoree.

“When I was diagnosed, no one knew I was in pain. But it’s just as hard on me mentally as physically because I can’t do the things my friends do,” Natalie said.

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To find the local arthritis walk near you, click here.

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