Posted by: ugleepen | June 22, 2011

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Pregnancy?

pregnant women carpel tunnel syndromePregnancy can leave a woman open to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – did you know that? As if morning sickness, leg cramps, and strange food cravings weren’t enough.

The combination of inflammation and extra fluid build-up during pregnancy is most probably the culprit. If you are feeling tenderness, tingling, or pain in your hands and wrists, however, it’s best to let your physician check things out to make sure if your discomfort is the result of CTS.

The extra fluid build-up so prevalent during pregnancy can lead to repetitive strain illnesses (RSIs), a group of ailments that includes CTS. Dr. William Hagberg wrote an article that was posted on in which he rightly suggests that in pregnancy, as in other health issues, prevention is certainly better than dealing with a problem after it’s occurred. Knowing that while you’re pregnant you are at increased risk for developing CTS allows you to be proactive in the preventive process.

Dr. Hagberg offers these 4 suggestions on how to help yourself in preventing CTS during your pregnancy.

  1. Reducing salt intake allows the body to retain less fluid
  2. Change positions frequently
  3. Take regular work breaks
  4. Vary repetitive tasks to help avoid tweaking the same sore spots continuously

These are simple tips, although often many of us have to be reminded to use common sense while we are working or busy at a leisure task at the computer, such as enjoying some time with friends in Facebook.

And when you are writing, especially if you are experiencing swelling and fluid build-up in your hands, holding a pen can be a difficult matter. Using my ergonomic UGLee Pen, which is so comfortable that it grips you, will make any writing activity relaxing and easy. Since holding the UGLee Pen does not put added stress or strain on your hand and fingers, it can also be a smart component of your common sense approach to preventing Pregnancy CTS.

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  1. It would appear from my research into the literature that carrying extra weight can contribute to CTS. Obviously, you can’t easily control your weight gain when the baby is growing inside you! Take a look at some useful exercises that can be done to lower the incidence of CTS and the debilitating effects of the condition at my website.

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