Posted by: ugleepen | June 30, 2011

Did you Know Gout is a Form of Arthritis?

Gout is actually a form of inflammatory arthritis. It affects almost 8.3 million people in the U.S., and is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in men.

This week Men’s Health Network (MHN) and Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc., announced in a press release that they have formed a partnership to launch the “Gout Pit Stop.” This is to be an educational campaign to raise awareness about gout. Pit Crew Chiefs Todd Berrier and Kevin ‘Bono’ Manion have joined the campaign to help racing fans learn more about gout.

“Launched just before one of the biggest events of the year on the racing calendar and during Men’s Health Month, the national campaign will inform people about gout and its underlying cause and encourage them to speak with their healthcare provider about ways to manage it to help avoid painful flares,” said the press release. “The campaign, which also includes a sweepstakes, invites people to learn more by making their own “Gout Pit Stop” at race tracks across the country, as well as virtually at the campaign website,”

“Men in particular can be reluctant to seek health information, and research shows that people really don’t want to talk about gout,” said MHN’s advisor Theodore Fields, M.D., FACP, Director, Rheumatology Faculty Practice Plan, Hospital for Special Surgery, a leading center for rheumatology. “Not only does ‘Gout Pit Stop’ provide a forum that is uniquely appealing to this group, but it also sheds light on the underlying cause of gout – high uric acid levels – to help remove the stigma that surrounds the disease.”

Pit crew chiefs Todd Berrier and Kevin “Bono” Manion are setting aside their friendly rivalry to team up and share their personal experiences with gout and how it has affected their lives on and off the track. As part of “Gout Pit Stop,” Todd and Kevin will share their stories through national and local media, personal appearances at select speedways, and on the campaign website.
“I’ve been affected by gout for 10 years and always thought it was caused by diet or lifestyle choices,” says Kevin. “I wanted to get involved in this campaign to help inform people like me that gout has an underlying cause, and that they shouldn’t blame themselves or feel ashamed to admit they have it.”

Although one of the most common joints affected by gout is the big toe, many people have “flares” in the wrist, causing extreme pain, and difficulty in performing activities of daily living. If you experience gout flares in your wrists, you’ll be glad to know that using the UGLee Pen for any type of writing you need to do is one way of managing the discomfort. Since my ergonomic pen actually grips you, it is easy to hold the pen, allowing you to write in ease and comfort.


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