Posted by: ugleepen | July 7, 2011

5 Tips for Traveling with Arthritis

travel with arthritisIt’s summer. Everybody is thinking, and planning, and talking about about vacations. You have arthritis. Are you stuck at home? The good news is – you can still enjoy vacationing with your family. Making preparations ahead of time is the key, says Carol Eustice, a journalist for’s Health’s Disease and Condition content.

Carol says, “The best advice for any travel plan is to take along all necessities to make yourself as comfortable as you can be, make sure assistance is available, and don’t be afraid to experience new horizons.” She should know – Carol has hiked in Zion National Park with 2 hips and 2 knees replaced, and 1 ankle fusion. “The sense of accomplishment was indescribable,” exhorts Carol.

With forethought and careful planning, people with arthritis can travel, too. Below are a few of Carol’s tips:

  1. Make Your Needs Known. Whether you use a travel agent, or are handling the reservations (airline travel, resort accommodations, etc.) yourself, make sure you find the answers to:
    • walking distance
    • the amount of stairs
    • location of elevators
    • hand rails in tubs and near the toilet
    • elevated toilet seats
    • wheelchair accessibility
    • availability of room service at your destination
  2. Medications. Plan ahead and pack enough medications to last the entire trip. It’s also wise to get extra prescriptions from your physician in case you are gone longer than you expected, or your bottle of pills falls out of your pocket into the River Thames. Also when flying it’s best to keep your medications with you and not risk packing them in luggage that could be lost by the airlines.
  3. Pace Yourself. Since your arthritis creates the need for extra effort and time in managing your activities of daily living, be sure to pad the extra time you’ll need into your itinerary. And start out on your trip rested and refreshed, which will not only help you meet the inevitable frustrations and irritations of travel with good humor, but will also give you the energy you’ll need to enjoy your trip to the fullest.
  4. Pack an UGLee Pen. One thing is for certain, you’ll be wanting to send postcards back home to friends and family. Using the ergonomic UGLee Pen whenever you write will keep your hands relaxed, and allow you to enjoy writing those postcards with comfort and ease.

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