Posted by: ugleepen | July 23, 2011

6 Ergonomic Tips

Fellowes is an office productivity-expert firm in the U.K. The mission of its online persona, Dr. Ergo, is to assist people in restructuring their workplace, whether it is in an office or at home, to give the best ergonomic support possible.

Fellowes states that as many as 96% of employees agree that ergonomics is important in the workplace, and “believe that a pleasant, comfortable environment has a direct impact on their productivity at work.” However, few people know just how to attain an ergonomic workstation, especially when their employer is not interested in pursuing the matter, or they work at home and must “make do.”

Dr. Ergo offers a few tips that anyone, anywhere, can use to create their own positive ergonomic work environment.

  1. Avoid a slouching back. Good posture is achieved by sitting back into your chair. A back support and foot support will help you to sit correctly.
  2. One in four workers suffer from pain or injury caused by pressure on the wrists. Wrist supports help to relieve this pressure and prevent potential injuries.
  3. If you want to prevent severe neck pain (it accounts for almost a third of all absences from work), make sure you are seated approximately an arm’s length away from your screen and it’s at the correct height for comfortable viewing (eye level is recommended). A laptop or monitor riser will help you to achieve the correct position.
  4. Accessories you use frequently should be within easy reach. Work smart – and stay organized, says Dr. Ergo.
  5. Remember to take regular breaks – away from your desk and technology.
  6. Use an Ergonomic Pen whenever you write. This one is my tip, of course! And my scientifically designed UGLee Pen is just the accessory that I think Dr. Ergo would approve of. Comfortable to use, this pen will keep your hand relaxed and help prevent repetitive stress injuries to your hand and wrist.

And I thought you might like to know that Fellowes is running a campaign to help people work more ergonomically, wherever you choose to work. To find out how your workplace measures up and how you can improve your workplace posture, Fellowes is providing a free workstation assessment.


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