Posted by: ugleepen | November 10, 2011

Sarah Talks about the Comfort of the UGLee Pen

We’ve talked a lot here on this blog about how the ergonomic UGLee Pen is such a great advantage for people who suffer from debilitating diseases such as arthritis and M.S., and other problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Below is yet another situation that used to cause pain and discomfort during writing, but for which the UGLee Pen is the answer.

Sarah writes about her life on her blog, Mommy of Two, and recently reviewed the UGLee Pen for us. I thought her story was not only informative, but inspiring, and it pleases me that my comfortable pen now helps Sarah – and maybe it will help you, too:

Being a (double) full time college student, I write A LOT of notes. My biggest problem though? Comfort.

When I was younger I fell pretty hard on my wrist in a friend’s driveway. It was rainy and I was running to get inside. When I was almost to the car I slipped and fell backward landing all of my weight on my hand to catch me. My mom thought I sprained it, understandably so. It was swollen and blue…for months. But eventually the pain started to subside and I could go without wearing a wrap.

Fast forward two years. I was at a chiropractor appointment with my mom and I got to get my back worked on just because. I didn’t need it being only 13 but it sure felt nice! Anyway, my mom brought up to the doctor that I complained about my wrist quite a bit so he took x-rays. The first thing he asked was, “When did you break your wrist? You sure did a number on it!”

Turns out I shattered some of the bones in the top of my hand and on the outside of my wrist. The x-rays actually showed the bone fragments and the odd way my wrist set itself. Thank God it wasn’t compound.

How does this relate to me writing now? I broke my right wrist and I’m right handed. So it doesn’t take much to feel discomfort when I write. Part of the reason why I prefer pens to pencils and of course typing above all. Whatever has the least resistance is key.

I’m not a fan of fake reviews. I will admit- the sponsored posts are a bit exaggerated but hey, I get paid for them. This review however, I do not. So you know it must be a good product if I say that EVERYONE would benefit from using the UGLee ergonomic pen!

The gel grip is awesome. It is so comfortable that it literally fits to your hand. Not kidding. I don’t even have to ‘hold’ the pen when I’m writing which makes for much less stress on my muscles. Not only is the grip/feel of the pen great, so is the flow. At first I thought it was just another ball-point pen but the ink is so much smoother. No breaks in the flow and the boldness of the color stays consistent.

I’ve had these pens for a few days and I am hooked. Normally I can make it through half a page of notes before my hand cramps up. The other night I wrote through the two hour lecture without feeling like I needed to stop. Pretty cool!

Thank you, Sarah.



  1. I’m glad you enjoyed my review. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!

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