Posted by: ugleepen | December 20, 2011

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Adults and Children with Arthritis

The web site has just released its holiday gift ideas for anyone on your list, child or adult, that suffers from arthritis. I’ve selected a few here to help get you started.

1. UGLee Pen. This ergonomic pen is definitely on the top of my list of suggestions. Scientifically designed so the pen offers the ultimate in comfort, anyone who suffers from arthritis will benefit from the overall shape as well as the detailed contours that are perfectly engineered to follow the anatomy of the hand. You don’t even have to grip this pen – it grips you!

2. Warmth Accessories. Research suggests that heat therapy can be effective in providing temporary relief from arthritis pain.To soothe aching hands, one gift is a warm paraffin wax treatment bath.  You can also consider Thinsulate-lined terrycloth mitts, which offer a more mobile way of soaking painful hands in warm wax. And for the budget-conscious, moist heat pads, which are available at most drugstores, can be wrapped around the neck, back, and knees to relieve discomfort.

3. Swivel Seat. When you have arthritis, standing up after sitting for some time, whether in a car or chair, can be a challenge. Pain in the hips and spine and strain on the neck that comes from transferring in and out of a car or standing up from a seat can be minimized with a car swivel seat cushion that turns 360°.

4. Gardening Tools. For those who love to garden, the right tools can make the difference between making gardening a fun and hassle-free experience and an impossibly painful chore.
Ergonomic gardening trowels, cultivators, and forks are available that ease joint stress by reducing how much you need to bend your wrists are a great way to support a gardening hobby.

5. Video Games.Video games are always must-get gifts for many children, and those with rheumatoid arthritis are no exception. Unfortunately, many of the games involve using potentially finger- and wrist-straining controllers. But, you can opt for one of the Nintendo Wii sports games or Dance Dance Revolution, for just as much video game fun.

Take a look at the entire article with many more gift suggestions. And remember to stock up on UGLee Pens! They come in 7 fun colors, 3 different ink colors, and make great stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!



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