Posted by: ugleepen | February 9, 2012

Fundamentals of Ergonomics – 12 Easy Tips for Safe and Healthy Computer Work Part 2

We are continuing our 3-Part series looking at important ergonomic tips for students and workers, from our friends at

While you might not realize it, working at a computer for hours each day can take a pretty hefty toll on your body. Part 2 has four more great tips:

5. Stretch or exercise at your desk. A lot of injuries and strains that happen to the body while working at a computer are the result of not moving around or changing position enough throughout the day. Doing stretches or exercises at your desk is one way to help prevent these sorts of problems. Even something as simple as rolling your neck around a few times can help prevent some annoying aches and pains.

6. Use a light touch. It might not seem like it’s even possible to hit the keys on your keyboard that hard, but the reality is that forceful typing isn’t just hard on your keyboard – it can also seriously damage your fingers and hands and may lead to repetitive stress injuries. Type on your keyboard and click with your mouse as lightly as possible, your hands will thank you.

7. Keep your feet flat on the floor. You might be tempted to cross your ankles or put your feet up while you’re working, but this isn’t really the best position, ergonomically speaking. Ideally, you want to try to have your feet flat on the floor while sitting in your desk chair. If you can’t reach the floor, find something you can use as a footrest at least part of the time (a big phone book will do). Also, don’t forget to move those feet around every once in a while to avoid blood clots and other disorders caused by sitting in one position for too long.

8. Remember that alignment is important. Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of ergonomics is alignment. Making sure that your body is aligned properly and stays that way throughout the workday can do wonders for managing pain and preventing injury. Sitting with your back straight and your arms and legs at 90 degrees may feel weird at first, but it will help you stay healthy in the long run.

Another important tip is using an ergonomic pen for any writing that you do. The UGLee Pen has a scientifically-designed special grip with detailed contours that are perfectly engineered to follow the anatomy of the hand. You don’t have to grip this material, it grips you, allowing for a stress-free writing experience.

Fundamentals of Ergonomics –12 Easy Tips for Safe and Healthy Computer Work Part 1

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