Posted by: ugleepen | April 13, 2012

UGLee Pen’s Ultimate Blog Party: Hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! Participating bloggers (that’s me!) are encouraged to post a party on their site, and part of my party is a giveaway for you! Just follow the instructions below to enter to win a FREE 3 pack of scientifically-designed ergonomic UGLee Pens plus a FREE 10-pack of Ink Refills!  A $34.99 value!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Dr. James Lee and I invented the ergonomic pen I call the UGLee Pen! (Ultimate Grip Lee Pen is how I came up with the name.) I created this pen out of my own need for comfort writing. After taking 20 pages of hand written notes a day in medical school, my hand was always in pain.

I searched for years to find a comfortable ergonomic pen and could not find one. And, believe me, I bought every one on the market I could, no matter the cost. Nothing worked – so I had to create my own!

In this day and age of emails and texting, you might think you don’t write enough to warrant a good pen, but we all write more than we realize. And a pen that actually relaxes your hand while you’re writing is worth using, even if all you’re doing is writing a grocery list.

The really great thing about my ergonomic pen is that it’s good for everyone, whether you currently have writing pain or not, and it’s especially good for those with tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis. My pen is also a big advantage for children who are just learning to write, and students who have to take lots of notes and do lots of homework. (While you’re here you can browse through my blog for interesting articles on these subjects.)

Here’s how to enter:
Browse my web site at to learn about the features of my pen, you can even watch the videos if you like, then leave a comment on my blog below telling me something you learned about the UGLee Pen that you didn’t know before.

Want extra entries into the contest? Do the following!

  • Follow me on Twitter and send me an @ugleepen message there telling me your favorite feature of the UGLee Pen and/or
  • Become a Facebook Fan and post on our wall what your favorite thing about the UGLee Pen is.

Make sure I have a way to reach you, by either enabling your email through WordPress, or leaving your email in the comment. One winner will be chosen at random by using The contest ends April 20th at 11:59 EDT. I will announce the winner Monday April 23rd. The winner has 72 hours to contact me, or another winner will be chosen. Good Luck! Have Fun! Let’s Party!



  1. I learned that UGLee pens only weigh 11 grams – that’s so light!

  2. Weighs only 11 grams.

  3. Yes, my 8 year old granddaughter hates to hold the pen correctly.

  4. It only weights 11 grams

  5. I didn’t know that the pen was desiged to fit with the bone structure of the hand.

  6. I learned that it took you 8 years to develop this pen just the way you wanted it, and it is so very light, only 11 ounces. I have arthritis in my hands and I am sure it would be comfortable to write with!
    Debbie Rhoades

  7. I love mine, it doesn’t slip and makes it so much easier to write. The pen holds onto you.

  8. That not only so light, but fits your hand. Which is probably why it helps with arthritis, which I have. Thanks

  9. It is light, only 11 grams. It is created using actual x-rays of the creators hand to align it with the structure of your hand making it comfortable to use.

  10. I learned that the pens are specially designed to fit the hand and facilitate proper grasp. I also learned that I’m not the only one that has a ‘knot’ on their finger and it is from years of improper grasp on my writing utensils.

  11. because it is created to fit to how you hold your pens that means no more wart looking middle finger because it’s so soft, it cushions the joints

  12. It only weighs 11 grams!

  13. Learned that it weighs only 11ozs. and that it is an ergonomic pen.

  14. I learned that it only ways 11 grams. 🙂

  15. They weighs only 11 grams.

  16. I learned that it stands for the Ultimate Grip Pen by Dr. Lee

  17. I learned that it is just 11 ounces and was created by a physician.

  18. It only weights 11 grams wow i hate bulky and heavy pens my husband loves pens this would a great gift to give to him he hates to write but i bet if he has this pen he would say he loves to write

  19. I learned that you have spent alot of time developing this pen. I actually have a flat side to my nail from using a reg pen. Something like this could have prevented that

  20. That is created using xrays of the creators hand. Very cool!

  21. This a very light weight pen. It weighs less than 1/2 oz.

  22. wow 11 grams! thats amazing!

  23. That the reasoning behind the grooves for diff sized hands! genius!

  24. The UGLee Pen is mated with the smoothest ink system known, smoother than any roller ball, gel ink, or fountain ink pen.

    Which is pretty cool because I picked out gel ink pens a whole lot because of the smooth writing–but hated that it got “stuck”. I love that the UGLee Pen combines the best of all worlds!

  25. I really like that UGLee’s ink is said to be smoother than any roller ball, gel ink, or fountain ink pen.
    I love gel pens, but hate that they get “stuck” sometimes. I love the ball point pens because it seemed to be dependable and does work great—and UGLee Pen combines it all!

  26. weighs 11 grams, how light

  27. I learned that it weighs only 11 grams and it helps relieve pain which I love because I have fibromyalgia & I love to write but my hands hurt alot so its hard. Oh ya I like how it grips you, not you griping the pen 🙂

  28. the pen is made out of Nylon and virtually indestructible =D

  29. I love it’s ergonomic properties!

  30. I learned that the pain meter for he UGlee pen is 1/10 while a regular pen is 4/10.

  31. I saw these pens before and love them. I need to feature them on my blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by from #UBP13, Glenda! Glad to hear that you’d already heard of the UGLee Pen!

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