Posted by: ugleepen | May 1, 2012

18 Painless Ways to Fight the Effects of Sitting All Day – Part 2

Our friends at OnlineCollegeCourses are back with more tips on healthy office ergonomics, which we’re looking at in a 2-part series. Part 2 lists 9 more ideas to help you ward off the ill effects of too much sitting at your desk.

10. Massage Your Neck. Give yourself a little massage at your desk to relax those muscles scrunched by sitting. For example, you can work out the trapezius, the big muscle that runs the length of the shoulders and up the neck and often becomes tense from sitting.

11. Stretch Your Chest. To combat your shoulders rounding forward while sitting, stretch out your chest muscles. You can do this by extending your arms 90 degrees from your body in a doorway and leaning forward until you feel it. Or, do the classic – clasp your hands behind your back and raise them as far as you can.

12. Shore Up Your Core. If you have a weak or imbalanced group of core muscles, back pain is sure to follow. There are a number of easy core exercises you can do, like crunches, ab presses, and side planks.

13. Inconvenience Yourself. Choose a parking place at the back of the lot. This increases your walking distance and gives you an easy way of moving on days when you’re mainly sitting at your desk.

14. Sit on a Fitness Ball (see photo). Sitting on a fitness ball chair forces you to sit up straight and to constantly exert energy to maintain balance.

15. Skip the Elevator. The average person burns seven times the number of calories by taking the stairs than by riding the elevator.

16. Eat Well. It shouldn’t be hard to see how sitting all day can increase the risk of depression. Eating a healthy diet is one way to fight it.

17. Keep Your Knees Healthy. Sitting with knees bent to 90 degrees for long enough, and you’ll be asking, “Can you see my knee brace under these pants?” Maintaining a healthy weight, doing stretches, and exercising your hips are a few ways to keep your knees strong and pain-free.

18. Sleep. For a totally painless way to recover from prolonged sitting, get a full night’s sleep, seven to nine hours. If you look at the effects of sitting like any other injury, you’ll recognize that recovery is aided by sleep and prolonged by sleep deprivation.

Keep your hands and fingers relaxed, as well, by using an ergonomic pen whenever you write. The UGLee Pen is designed specifically to follow the contours of the hand, thus allowing the hand a natural, stress-free action with this decidedly comfortable pen.

18 Painless Ways to Fight the Effects of Sitting All Day – Part 1

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