Posted by: ugleepen | June 21, 2012

40 Important Ergonomic Tips for Computer Use – Part 2

Again we can thank our friends at Accredited Online Colleges for some valuable ergonomic tips to help us all when we sit at the computer too long. We are looking at the 40 ergonomic tips in a 4-part series.  Part 2…


  1. 20-20-20 Rule: Prevent eye strain by moving your eyes away from the screen and focusing on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Set a timer to remind yourself.
  2. Get a filter: Buy yourself an anti-glare screen filter to protect your eyes from reflecting the light in your study or work area.
  3. Adjust your screen tilt: You want to have your screen set at 90 degrees compared to windows and lights.
  4. Don’t sit too close or too far from the screen: The optimal screen depth is 20 to 40 inches away from your eyes. Increase your computer’s font sizes if necessary.
  5. Set the right screen height: If you have to raise your eyes above your horizontal line of sight, you’re risking eyestrain, fatigue, and other problems. Line up the top of the screen to be level with your eyes.
  6. Optimize contrast: Eye strain can actually be caused by too much or not enough contrast. Try to make the background of your computer area the same or a little darker than the brightness of your foreground.
  7. Play with computer settings: You may need to go into the computer settings and lower the screen brightness if it is set to maximum by default. The goal is to get that contrast down.
  8. Get a plant: Recycled air in your office or dorm room can dry your eyes out, as can staring at a screen with little blinking as many of us do. Putting a live plant in your work area will help humidify the air and cut down on dust.
  9. Time for new glasses: Could it be you’re straining towards your computer screen because you need new glasses? Have your prescription checked and do away with neck strain.
  10. Glasses over contacts: For extended periods of screen viewing, pull your contacts off and slip into something more comfortable (for your eyes).

Keep your good ergonomics going by always using an ergonomic pen whenever you write. Even jotting down memos, or writing reminders on sticky notes are good times to use the best ergonomic pen. The UGLee Pen is designed to place a minimum amount of stress on the tendons of the fingers, allowing for a more comfortable writing experience.

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