Posted by: ugleepen | July 5, 2012

40 Important Ergonomic Tips for Computer Use – Part 4

We’ve learned a lot about how to work with our computers in the proper way, so that we might relax and enjoy our computer work. In the final part of our 4-Part series looking at the 40 Important Ergonomic Tips for Computer Use offered by Accredited Online Colleges, we’ll look at some common-sense suggestions that can be applied to most of our computer-work situations:

General Tips

  1. Stay in shape: Ergonomics work best in conjunction with a body that is already healthy through diet and exercise.
  2. Everything in moderation: Certain risky behaviors like crossing your legs can be done for brief periods of time, but make it your goal to be in a good neutral position for 80% of your time at the computer.
  3. Stretch it out: Every 30 minutes, get up from your chair and do stretches that you hold for at least 5 seconds. Download Stretch Break for different stretch ideas.
  4. Drink and breathe: Especially if you are studying hunched over a laptop away from your desk, drink plenty of water and force yourself to stop and breathe deeply occasionally to increase blood flow.
  5. Get your desk squared away: Before sitting down to study or work, put objects like books that you might need within arm’s length so that you don’t have to lean forward to reach them.
  6. Chair mat: Make sure there’s carpet or a mat under your chair so that you aren’t straining to hold everything in place or keep it from sliding.
  7. Don’t hold it: If nature calls, don’t try to hold it, just go. Holding can cause your bladder to overstretch, leading to urinary tract infections.
  8. Turn that down: Don’t try to watch lectures anywhere that’s too loud to hear without turning up the volume in your headphones too high.
  9. Change position: Even if you don’t want or have time to get up and move around, at least change your seated position frequently to exercise a different group of muscles and rest the ones you’ve been using.

And one of the best “common-sense” general tips of all is to be sure to use an ergonomic pen whenever you write, whether it’s a lot of class notes, or a simple shopping list. Your hands are in constant use when you are at the computer, and thus can use a relaxing break when you pick up a pen. Help prevent stress injuries and painful hands by using the UGLee Pen – a real Comfort Pen!

Part 1 – Ergonomic Tips for the Backs and Legs

Part 2 – Ergonomic Tips for the Eyes

Part 3 – Ergonomic Tips for the Arms, Hands, and Wrists 


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