Posted by: ugleepen | August 30, 2012

3 Tips for An Easier Back-To-School Routine

It’s Back-To-School time. Unbelievable, but true. The care-free days of summer pass too soon, and here we are, facing getting back into The Routine again. Educator Bob Schulties offers some tips on how to make the transition easier (or at least less painful).

1.  Good Sleep Habits. School days start much earlier than lazy summer mornings, and with the extra time needed after dinner for homework, kids often get to bed late. Starting the school year with good sleep habits is essential.  Suggestions are to stick to a routine, limit electronic stimulus, and watch out for sneaky caffeine which can show up in sodas and chocolate.

2. Avoid the Morning Rush. Helpful hints for this common problem is to do as much as you can the night before. For example, not only are there a number of things that go in the lunch box that can be prepared the night before (and packed), but you can also make some breakfast items ahead of time such as making waffles, cutting up fruit, mixing orange juice.

Have your children choose their clothes the night before, too. This will also head off the last minute morning discovery that something needs to be washed, ironed or mended.

3.  Make the Morning Routine a Way of Life. Schulties suggests that the school day routine should be non-negotiable, with a discussion of consequences if the routine is not met.  In addition, simple management will go a long way, such as designating one area where backpacks, shoes (and socks), coats, cell phones, etc., are put the night before.  And having your children do only what is important to get to school instead of tacking on extra morning chores.

A good school day morning routine will go a long way toward giving your children the head start they need for a happy and productive day at school. Making sure they also have the best pen will help, too. An ergonomic pen such as the UGLee Pen will support your student in being able to write notes, papers, and do homework without stress on the tendons of the hands and fingers, allowing for a more relaxing experience.


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