Posted by: ugleepen | October 11, 2012

Computer Ergonomics – 6 Tips to Combat Eye Strain

The amount of time we all sit at a computer is going up, whether it be for work or pleasure. This is resulting in all kinds of  strain on our bodies. There are a number of tips offered on how to meet these issues ergonomically, but few of them focus specifically on eye strain.

The Vision Council has just posted an online document discussing computer eye strain in detail, offering recommendations on how to combat it, and even prevent it.

If you experience recurring headaches, neck pain, back pain from poor posture, blurred vision, dry eyes or redness, you can find relief by following these six tips:

1. Reduce glare by adjusting screen brightness and changing the background color of your display

2. Keep the screen clean

3. Dim the lighting around your PC

4. Don’t sit too close to the monitor

5. Position the screen slightly below eye level, and don’t tilt it

6. Increase the text size

Following these suggestions should minimize your eye strain. Another area where we experience strain is in our hands and fingers when we write. Even if you sit at a computer all day, there are still many instances when you have to pick up a pen – so you might as well make it the best pen. That would be a comfort pen such as the UGLee Pen.

This ergonomic pen has been specifically designed to  minimize stress on the muscles and tendons of the hand, giving you a relaxed handwriting experience, and alleviating one more strain on the body.



  1. These are some great tips! I always make sure to keep these things in mind so I’m not doing damage to my eyes.

  2. These tips to prevent eye strain are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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