Posted by: ugleepen | November 8, 2012

2012 Arthritis Jingle Bell Run/Walk to be Held on November 10 in Janesville

There are little cities and large cities, and they all have big hearts when it comes to helping their citizens who suffer from arthritis.

The big little city of Janesville, population 63,000, in southern Wisconsin, is gearing up for its annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk to benefit their local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation.

With a name like “Jingle Bell” you might think this event would be closer to Christmas, but in Wisconsin it’s wiser to do outdoor activities a little early. “The main thing is that the date has changed,” explains Dave Gracyalny, general manager of a local athletic club. “It’s always been the first Saturday in December. This is the first time in 21 years it will be done in November. We always battled inclement weather in December.”

The purpose of the Jingle Bell Run/Walk is to raise money for arthritis research. The event also raises awareness about programs and services provided to the estimated 2.2 million people who live with arthritis in the Arthritis Foundation’s Upper Midwest region that includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, according to a foundation news release.

“The prevalence of arthritis in our nation is surging, and we cannot ignore it. Events like the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis help bring the community together to advance research, health education and government advocacy,” John H. Klippel, M.D., president and CEO of the Arthritis Foundation, said in a news release.

“By participating in the Janesville Jingle Bell Run/Walk – one of fourteen such run/walks in the Arthritis Foundation’s Upper Midwest region – supporters also are committing to ‘move daily’ to prevent or treat arthritis,” Klippel said.

The Arthritis Foundation is the only national, nonprofit health organization that helps people take control of arthritis by leading efforts to prevent, control and cure arthritis – the nation’s number one cause of disability.

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