Posted by: ugleepen | January 24, 2013

iPAD App Helps Kids Learn to Write

Uglee pen appiTrace is an app that teaches kids basic letter-writing skills. Even though the app centers around finger-drawing, it offers a good learning tool for new writers.

Dotted animations guide the student through each stroke, enabling them to learn to shape each letter.

The app is brightly illustrated and well designed, certain to appeal to young students. Meant for the core 3-7 age group, kids can learn to trace uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers.

The iTrace app is built for educational environments. It automatically tracks each user, so parents and teachers can view milestones; see daily, weekly, and monthly usage; and see how much effort each child is investing.

According to reviews, the interface is easy to understand, use and fun to play with. Although the $4 price tag may strike some as premium, reviewers have found the app well worth the cost.

Take a look at the video below which shows students actually interacting with the iTrace app:

As we move more and more into an academic world where the teaching of handwriting is taking a back seat to computer training, apps such as this one will encourage young children to continue to learn writing as a basic communication.

As children progress from using their finger on an iPad to writing on paper with a tool, an ergonomic pen should be part of their early writing experience.

The UGLee Pen has been scientifically designed to allow children to develop the fine motor skills needed for writing without undo stress on small muscles and tendons. A child’s hand will remain relaxed as the pen sits comfortably in the hand and fingers.

Source: TUAW

James Lee, M.D., does not officially endorse this product.


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