Posted by: ugleepen | January 31, 2013

Inspiration for Arthritis Sufferers Young and Old

ugleepenSeventeen-year old Amit loved to play all kinds of active sports games until his love for sports suffered a setback after he started developing arthritis pain. He was eventually diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis.

“It was like I pulled a muscle in my groin. The persisting pain got worse every day,” said Amit.  “On some days, I couldn’t take any pressure on it and I limped when I walked.”

But now he is back on track. “I can do my routine work easily after a surgery two years ago in 2011,” revealed Amit.

Another arthritis sufferer, 80-year-old P. Behrani, former chief engineer at a steel plant, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis three-years ago and he underwent a surgery immediately.

Today he swims for 30 minutes and walks over a mile a day. “I can walk like a normal person now. My health has improved a lot,” he said.

Arthritis is of many types. It is important to know which kind of arthritis a person is suffering from so as to control it easily.

Lifestyle factors including obesity  are among the many reasons for Juvenile Arthritis being reported in young people.

According to health department figures osteoarthritis affects nearly half of elderly people, 80% of whom experience it in the knee.

Management of arthritis includes early detection so medical intervention can be started, which often yields inspiring results as in these two stories.

Living with the disease also means learning new ways of doing simple tasks in order to reduce pain and discomfort. One of the easiest measures is to use an ergonomic pen when you write.

The UGLee Pen relaxes the hand, allowing you to hold the pen without the discomfort that is often associated with handwriting with arthritis.


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