Posted by: ugleepen | February 28, 2013

Applied Ergonomics Seminar

Uglee Pen - Humantech logoHumantech, Inc., is an ergonomics consulting company that was founded in 1979 with the single focus of improving the lives of the working population.  Over the past 30 years, its approach has changed how organizations use the science of ergonomics to improve workplace performance.

In their own words:  “We are experts in ergonomics—the art and science of reducing problems that might arise from the interaction between, people, equipment, and the environment.”

While I have no personal experience with the folks at Humantech, I applaud their scientific approach to ergonomics, and their belief that practicing ergonomics can make a huge difference in the lives of people in the workplace.

Humantech will be offering  the following seminars in various locations throughout 2013, including Ann Arbor, MI; Charlotte, NC; and Dallas, TX as well as London and Birmingham in the U.K.:

1.  Applied Industrial Ergonomics. This two-day course provides the tools and resources to make simple and effective ergonomic improvements in the industrial environment. The seminar emphasizes hands-on problem-solving methodologies to recognize, evaluate, and control ergonomic risk.

Attendees will learn to evaluate workstations and equipment, identify factors contributing to work-related musculoskeletal disorders, and prioritize ergonomic improvements.

2. The Advanced Ergonomic Design Workshop. A one-day seminar, this workshop takes attendees beyond identifying and assessing ergonomic risk, and leading them into “designing out” the risk to begin with.

Through hands-on experiences and group activities, participants will learn how to evaluate existing equipment and propose methodologies for good ergonomic design. This workshop is for people who have previously participated in the Applied Industrial Ergonomics training course.

3. Managing an Ergonomics Process. A one-day seminar, during which attendees will develop the ability to recognize, plan, and integrate the strategic elements of ergonomics into their current business processes. This workshop is not an introductory course and is intended for those who have previously attended the Applied Industrial Ergonomics seminar.

Humantech believes “people make productivity happen,” and that starts with understanding the science of ergonomics.

I couldn’t agree more, and that is why I worked to develop an ergonomic pen that would help everyone who writes, whether you do a lot of writing in your workplace or at school, or find writing a simple grocery list difficult due to an issue such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The UGLee Pen is now one of the leading ergonomic pens on the market, a true “comfort pen,” and the best pen for everyone’s writing needs.


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