Posted by: ugleepen | April 18, 2013

Ergonomic Design – and People

Uglee pen Six_Ways_Ebook_cover_185x240“Making sure people are factored into the ergonomic design equation.” That statement sure got my attention.  It was said by Josh Kersh, Vice President of Humantech, Inc.

Humantech is a company that is on the leading edge of promoting ergonomic design in the workplace.  I had written about this company and their Applied Ergonomics Semiars in February.

As I had previously mentioned, I’m interested in this company because it believes that “people make productivity happen, and that starts with the science of ergonomics.”

Too often in this day and age of bean counters and bottom-line generals the needs of the employed workers are ignored.  Ironically, that attitude can contribute to economic shortfalls for the company as repetitive stress injuries from poor ergonomics create problems.

A happy employee is a productive employee, as anyone with common sense knows. When the workplace is designed to support the employee by meeting ergonomic factors, the employee will spend his or her time at work comfortably, safely, and relaxed, and the productivity and profits of the company will increase in measurable amounts.

Humantech is now offering a free e-book by which businesses can learn to integrate ergonomic design to improve the way people work at their company.

“Engineering design is a strong determinant of workplace ergonomics. Efficient and effective design approaches add extreme value to a business by engaging the workforce and improving the company’s productivity and bottom line,” explains Kersh.

As Humantech’s web site explaines, unfortunately and far too often, ergonomics is not managed as an engineering function and therefore gets overlooked at critical stages of the design process.

Humantech’s complimentary e-book walks business owners through six simple practices for companies of all sizes and industries.

“Companies face competing priorities when it comes to the new design of tools, equipment and products.  Following these six steps will ensure that your people are factored into the design equation,” said Kersh.

Source: Humantech


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