Posted by: ugleepen | May 2, 2013

6 Arthritis Myths Busted – Part 2

walking-on-the-beach-richard-j-thompsonIn 6 Arthritis Myths Busted – Part 1 we looked at 3 common myths about arthritis that persist. Below, in Part 2, we explore three more myths that seem to have taken on a life of their own. And we bust them.

Myth #4. There is only one kind of arthritis.

Truth: As people have become savvy about cancer, the misunderstanding that “cancer is cancer” is dropping by the wayside. Today most people realize that cancer comes in different forms. The same is true for arthritis.

When someone says “I have arthritis,” that could mean any number of types of this common disease. Arthritis can be an autoimmune disease such as Rheumatioid Arthritis; caused by an infection of a virus, a bacteria, even a fungus; an accumulation of crystals that shows up as gout (yes, that’s also a type of arthritis), or any number of a hundred other disease types of arthritis.

A take-away from busting this myth is that if you suspect you have “arthritis” – please go get checked by your physician so you can learn what type of arthritis you have. That is the only way to create a plan of care that is appropriate and that will be useful.

Myth #5. If I have arthritis I can’t exercise.

Truth: This is a huge myth and perpetuating it causes harm as it prevents arthritis sufferers from incorporating a very useful “treatment” into their plan of care. The cause of this myth is the fear that exercise will cause more pain.

The right kinds of exercise will do just the opposite. Not exercising will cause joints to continue to deteriorate. Low-impact exercises and range-of-motion exercise regimes help strengthen the muscles around the joints, helping them resist wear and tear.

You can do low-impact aerobics in a swimming pool, discover how yoga easily increases your range of motion, or take a look at Tai Chi for Arthritis.

Myth #6: I’m the only one with arthritis.

Truth: It’s easy to feel alone and isolated when you are dealing with chronic pain, and the effects that has on your activities of daily living. However, as was mentioned in 6 Arthritis Myths Busted – Part 1 – arthritis is a very common disease, and current estimates have it at affecting over 50 million American adults.

Juvenile arthritis currently affects over 350,000 children in the U.S. under the age of 18. And Americans spend more than $130 billion annually on treatments for arthritis.

This blog has many articles written about arthritis. Take a look and you will probably find one that answers a lot of your questions, and you’ll also find that you are not alone in your arthritis fight.


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