Posted by: ugleepen | May 30, 2013

7 Gadgets to Help with Arthritis Challenges

Getting creative  managing Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs as they’re known, is a way to help you live the best life possible, despite challenges with arthritis.

Occupational therapist Tammy Williams recommends these items that will assist you in performing many daily tasks that might seem simple, but have become more difficult and painful due to arthritis.

1. Shirt Buttoner 

uglee pen - gadget 1

To protect finger joints, avoid pinching fingers tightly as you would do with buttoning a shirt. Handy gadgets such as this button aid will help you grasp the buttons on your clothes. Clothes with easy-to-use fasteners such as large buttons, hooks or zippers are  recommended.

2. Cutlery 

uglee pen - gadget 2

Getting a grip on slender cutlery handles is made easier with this custom made cutlery grip.

3. Shopping Bag

ugee pen - gadget 4

Carrying a heavy shopping bag is far easier with this gadget.

4. Kettle Stand

uglee pen - gadget 5

Avoid picking up a heavy kettle to make a cup of tea. This handy kettle stand will carry all the weight of the kettle.

5. Faucets

uglee pen gadget - 6

Don’t strain your hands trying to turn on a water tap. This gadget will help you open and close it with less strain.

6. Plastic Mat

uglee pen - gadget 7

Place a plastic mat on your kitchen counter to help you when cooking or baking. Now you don’t have to hold onto a bowl while you stir something. It can also be placed into your kitchen sink while washing dishes.

7. Plugs

uglee pen - gadget 8

Remove a plug from a socket with this handy plastic gadget. You can make your own from any strong plastic material such as the lid of an ice-cream tub.

Source: Health24


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