Posted by: ugleepen | August 8, 2013

Easy Workplace Ergonomics Check List – Part 3

uglee pen - Office-ExerciseIt’s easy to create an ergonomic workplace if you have a step-by-step check list.

In Part 3 of our 3-part series, we conclude our look at check-lists by evaluating the layout of your desk, as well as taking a look at some important work processes, including stretches.

Desk Layout

  • Are frequently used items located close and within easy reach? This prevents repetitive stretching and resulting muscle strain.
  • Is the phone used frequently? If so, you should consider using a headset. This prevents cradling the hand set between the neck and shoulder which can cause shoulder and neck strain.
  • Do you read from source documents when using the computer?
  • If so do you use a document holder?  
  • Is the document holder positioned appropriately (between or as close as possible to between, the keyboard and the screen)? This prevents repetitive movement of neck and shoulder muscles potentiating muscle strain

Work Processes

  • Do you alter your posture at least every 20-30 minutes? This is an ideal way to prevent overuse and strain of many muscle groups.
  • This may involve changing the way you do some things. For example, stand up when talking on the phone; take a short walk around the office; set an alarm on your computer to ensure that you break regularly to prevent repetitive movements and/or static postures; alternate your daily tasks to ensure that you are not doing the same thing (such as typing on your computer) for extended periods of time.
  • Do you perform any of the recommended stretches during your breaks? They include head rolls, chin tucks, shoulder stretches and wrist stretches. And don’t forget the critical eye exercises.

Stop, s-t-r-e-t-c-h and check!

  • Do a few of these exercises a few times every day.
  • Make sure you relax and perform them gently.
  • Do not over-stretch.
  • Stop if you feel discomfort when performing an action.
  • Remember to do each side


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