Posted by: ugleepen | January 30, 2014

“Laughing And Losing It” Loves the UGLee Pen

Christina ArceneauxThe UGLee Pen was given a once-over by Laughing And Losing It blogger Christina Arceneaux, in a review she wrote and posted on her blog site.

I am delighted to share this fun and informative review with you.  You won’t want to miss her video!

Christina’s review of the ergonomic pen, our own UGLee Pen:

About the Pen

A man went to medical school, wrote like mad, and got hand-cramps.  So he said, “We need a pen that writes well MINUS the hand cramps,”  and Uglee Pen was born.  I sympathize with this problem of hand-cramps.  I remember journaling furiously in my youth (mostly about garbage with boys who had no idea I was obsessed with them) then found my hand almost numb, my wrist especially.  Also writing notes in college–or written essays, HAND CRAMPS galore!

 My take on this pen

I suppose it is called “Uglee Pen,” because the design may look ugly with its long tube-like cushion that resembles small hand-grenades stacked on top of each other.   I didn’t find it too Uglee.  I like a pen that says, “I follow the beat of my own drummer,” or “I’m one of a kind,”  and “Take that BIC, I’m UNIQUE!”  I rather like the design.  And the cushion is black BUT BLACK WITH SPARKLES!  (mild sparkle, mind you, so don’t run away, non-sparkle people).

The writing is effortless with this pen.  I mean effortless.  I was amazed how smooth it glided over the page.  I really could write with this thing for hours.  I am a blogger, yes, but I do actually pen-in-hand write.  When I’m out and about, I try to keep a small notebook for blog post inspirations.  This Uglee pen will be my new purse-companion.  (That is if my little girls don’t find it first.)

Not only is it easy to write with, but it is soft!  The cushion reminds me of a pen that was popular in the 90s and sold at Sharper Image–it literally molded to the shape of your fingers.  But that pen was nearly $50 dollars or something crazy.

My single complaint with this pen is I wish it were heavier.  Although I suppose if I were to write for hours on end, I would in-fact appreciate the lightness.

Video Review

I have made a video review for you all.

Thank you, Christina! at Laughing And Losing It


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