Posted by: ugleepen | November 25, 2014

3 Fun Ways to Show Thanks This Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingThanksCraft_HThanksgiving is the annual occasion when we all set aside time to notice our blessings. For many families it is a tradition to go around the Thanksgiving dinner table with each person saying what they are especially thankful for this year.

While this is a great traditional way to show thanks, we can think outside the box and come up with additional ways to offer a true giving of thanks.

1. Decorate your home with words of Thanks

The words “Thanks” and “Thanksgiving” can easily be created as an integral part of the decorations in your home. For example:

  • Create a “Thankful” table cloth – Purchase a plain, light-colored table cloth and have each member of the family write on it something they are thankful for.
  • Make napkin rings by cutting paper strips 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches, write “I am Thankful for……” and tape the strip around the napkin.  When guests remove the napkin ring, provide guests with a pen or pencil, (my ergonomic pen would be a fun gift to give each of your guests!), have them fill in the blank, then put all of the completed rings in a small basket. At the end of the meal pass the basket around, have each guest randomly pull a napkin ring out and read it aloud.
  • Place cards can be created by writing “We are Thankful For (insert name of guest).

2. Provide Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need

There is really no better way to show how thankful you are for what you have than to reach out and help someone who is in need.  Providing Thanksgiving dinner does not necessarily mean that you need to cook the entire thing – often just purchasing the items for dinner is enough.

And this is another great project to do as a family – everyone gives input on what supplies and ingredients to put on the shopping list.  Take as many family members as possible to the supermarket, then all go to deliver the food to the family you are helping.

Add a little more fun by visiting a thrift store where you can find plates, flatware, tablecloths, and even holiday decorations for pennies.

3. Invite extra guests to join your family for dinner

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to envelope someone who would otherwise be alone on this special day with the warmth and love that only your family can show.

You can learn about people who will have no place to go for Thanksgiving through your church, organizations such as the YMCA, and even women’s shelters. The more the merrier!




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