Posted by: ugleepen | June 29, 2015

Miss Tennessee to Promote Arthritis Awareness

Miss TennHannah Robison became 2015’s Miss Tennessee on June 20.

Although Robison has been competing in pageants for several years, the University of Tennessee at Martin student said she took some time off from pageants in order to work on her degree. She is majoring in chemistry.

Through her reigning year Robison plans to promote her platform “Campaign Against Pain: Arthritis Awareness,” and teach children three aspects of responsibility — for yourself, for your community and for others.

Robison has had several family members who have battled arthritis, including a great-aunt who died from rheumatoid arthritis. She said she hopes teaching children about responsibility will help raise awareness for the disease and personal health.

“It’s a disease that people have to live with every day and it’s chronic pain,” she said. “We have a responsibility for ourselves, and I think that’s where I could talk about my platform — taking care of your health, eating healthy, and exercising can prevent arthritis in the future.”

Outside of pageants, Robison divides her time between class work in the chemistry lab, and exercising. “I enjoy playing soccer, being active outside and exercising,” she said. “That’s something I do a lot when I’m not studying or in the research lab.”

“Exercise is so important for health and to help prevent arthritis,” stated Robison. “I want to encourage children to take responsibility for their own health and to help prevent them from ever getting this devastating disease.”


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