Posted by: ugleepen | September 29, 2015

Chronic Pain and the Office Desk Job Part 1

Cube-Farm-300x294If you are one of the millions who spend hours each day in an office cubicle – unrelieved time with the keyboard and mouse, squinting at bright screens, and sitting in poorly designed desk chairs – you already know that chronic pain is your constant companion.

Business consultant Larry Alton reported in an article for the Huffington Post that, when analyzed over a two-week period, one research study found that almost 13 percent of the total U.S. workforce experienced a drop off in productivity as a result of headaches (5.4 percent), back pain (3.2 percent), arthritis (2 percent), or other musculoskeletal pain (2 percent).

In Part 1 we take a look at the 3 major causes of chronic pain in the office:

Poor posture. Likely the No. 1 cause of chronic pain in the workplace, poor posture leads to back and neck issues, headaches, and other musculoskeletal problems. In fact, learning how to correct bad desk posture can alleviate existing pain almost immediately.

Repetitive motion. When looking at the common causes of wrist pain, muscle strains, or chronic joint issues, long-term, repetitive motion is almost always one of the culprits.

According to The Hand and Wrist Institute, “Carpal tunnel syndrome is most often seen in people whose occupations require … the constant use of computer keyboards and mice. As a result, CTS is prevalent among people in clerical positions, especially secretarial and data-entry jobs.”

Visual straining. For people with already poor eyesight, straining to see a computer screen only exacerbates existing symptoms and can lead to chronic headaches and tension.

In Part 2 we will look at some of the easy solutions.

Source: Larry Alton/ Huffington Post

Image Source: Hourses for Sources


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